Thursday, 8 May 2014

TBT | Childhood in a Nutshell

Hello Everyone!

Hope you are all well and enjoying this crap weather we have been having lately in the UK... Ugh please, it's May I think it's time for the sun to STAY out!

Today I thought I would do a throwback post as I have never done one before, nor have I ever posted a TBT photo on instagram. I'm loosing my TBT virginity, how exciting. Instead of showing you embarassing and majorly awkward photos of me growing up, I thought a throwback of a few bits and bobs that were basically my childhood in a nutshell, would be more fun - who doesn't love a bit of nostalgia. I've narrowed it down to a mix of 10 things that were a big part of my childhood, I could literally go on forever, there was so much - I feel lucky to be a 90s/00s kid, the best timezone to grow up in fo'sho!

Lets crack on then - in no particular order...

1. The Babysitters Club: Movie - This film is AMMMAAAZING, seriously underrated I think. I actually found this on Netflix the other day, seriously I have been searching every single website trying to find this film on DVD but had no luck, so you can understand my extreme excitment to see it on Netflix (Netflix - what would life be without you). Also watching it the other day for the first time in yeeears I noticed that the fashion was seriously on point, a lot of which has come back in nowadays.

 2. Dream Phone - This was so much fun, I use to play this a lot with my two childhood besties and whenever I think of this I think of them and it makes me feel very nostalgic - I love it!

3. Doll Maker - I really hope other people played on doll makers, I was so obsessed I could spend hours dressing up dolls in different outfits with different hair etc. I loved it and the picture below is a 'doll' I made earlier to show you, this was a princess one and I actually ended up playing on it for a few hours - rather sad actually.

4. Old School Disney Channel - Ugh why did they have to go and change something so damn perfect! This was my favourite channel EVER with the best programmes, such as - Lizzie McGuire, That's so Raven, Recess, Kim Impossible... The list could go on. Also they use to show a movie every Friday as a treat and they were always so good - like Recess School's Out, amazing film.

5. The Sims - I think this was a part of everyones childhood, I could spent all day on this like literally all day, wake up get on it - fall in love a few times, kill a few people off, have a few babies etc - and it would suddenly be bedtime. It consumed my life but was so bloody worth it.
6. Rugrats - Cynthiaaaaaa!!! God this show was great, I love this little gang and the films were pretty blimen good too. I think everybody has watched and loved Rugrats - if not there is something wrong with you.

7. Spice Girls - If ya wannabe my lover, you gotta get with ma friends... Very self-explaitory here, Spice Girls were seriously cool, Girl Power always! Oh and their film was the best.

8. Britney Spears - Of course it's Britney Bitch! Need I say anymore, Britney was with me through thick and thin with some brilliant tunes, like all of them, they were all brilliant.

9. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen - God I wanted a twin so badly! Everything this pair did I loved, the films - Passport to Paris, Our Lips are Sealed, New York Minute etc. and their TV programmes - Two of a Kind and So Little Time. They were amazing and bloody gorgeous!


10, Bring It On - 'I'm major! I roar! I swear I'm not a whore!' I could quote every word from this film I loved it that much, I watched it constantly and new all the cheers. Oh and it made me seriously want to be a cheerleader - shame its not a 'thing' in England, dammit!

There we are theres my top 10 Throwbacks of my childhood, I'm feeling very nostalgic now and I think I will be watching Bring It On tonight for sure!

Thank you for reading!

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