Wednesday, 16 April 2014

10 questions Frozen forgot to answer...

I'm afraid, this post is about Frozen, not sure if you've heard of it, oh wait... EVERYBODY has heard of it duh!

I love Frozen, but I feel it needs to answer a few questions.

1. Does Kristoff have any parents? If not (which I am assuming is the case) why has he not got any?

2. Was Kristoff completely homeless that he was able to be adopted by trolls in a split second?

3. Why does Elsa have magical powers and is she the only one in the world ever?

4. Why doesn't she want anybody to know (everyone seemed pretty ok with it at the end)?

5. Elsa stays in her room and does not talk to Anna or see her for 13 years!?! Yet they live in the same house? Does this also mean both Anna and Elsa have not been outside for 13 years!? And Anna still treats Elsa like they've been the best of sisters for years, yet they only spoke up until Anna was 5, when Elsa nearly killed her. Like what??

6. Why, when Anna and Elsa see each other after 13 years, whilst living in the same house, does Anna not ask Elsa 'WHAT THE F WAS UP WITH THAT!?'

7. Since when can Elsa make life (Olaf)?

8. Now that Anna knows about Elsa's powers, why is Elsa still being a biatch and not talking to Anna?

9. Why did they include the troll's song? Like really, worst song ever, bad move.

10. Why, after all these unanswered questions, is Frozen still one of the best Disney movies, with THE best Disney song EVER - you all know it!

Anyways - gotta love Frozen really.

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