Wednesday, 19 March 2014

You're Never Too Old To Be Young - Snow White

Hi everybody!

It's been one of those weeks, I've been so super duper busy lately stressing about Uni and everything that I just haven't had time to blog, nightmare! So for this weeks post I decided to base it around something that cheers me up no matter what, and that is Disney! Of course, doesn't Disney cheer everybody up?

Disney is my go too, my saviour, whenever I'm feeling sad, stressed, anxious, annoyed, poorly, anything really and it never fails to make me feel tons better. I've decided to put together my top 5 Disney films, I can tell it's going to take me ages to decide on just 5, seeing as they are all AMAZING (apart from Pinocchio, it's too scary and weird).

Number 1

I love absolutely everything about this film, Hercules, Meg, Hades, Phil, Zeus, obviously the list can go on and on but I do just love every character in this film. The songs are also my favourite, I'd say 'I Won't Say' is my favourite (Meg), I love the Muses too, love a bit of Gospel sound.

Number 2

Obviously the Genie is hilarious, I'm a massive fan of Robin Williams (Mrs. Doubtfire - Amazeballs!). The songs are great in this film, 'Friend Like Me' probably being my favourite. Of course Jasmine is gooooorgeous, who doesn't want to have hair like Princess Jasmine, literally a dream.

Number 3

The Little Mermaid
I wanted nothing more than to be a mermaid when I was little, and Ariel definietly fueled this obsession, did anyone use to put their legs together and try and swin like a mermaid? Please tell me you did... Anyways, Little Mermaid is a perfect film Ariel is beautiful and Prince Eric is a massive hottie - do not deny you fancied/still fancy Prince Eric! Favourite song would have to be 'Part of this World'.

Numer 4

The Lion King 1&2
Bit sneaky as this is two different films but I love them both equally so I think it's ok to have it merged into one. Along with a mermaid, when I was little I desperately wanted to be a lion/have a lion as a pet. The Lion King is very sad to begin with obviously - Dad, wake up... Oh dear getting teary just writing about it! But apart from that trauma, the songs are great (Scar's song is probably my Fave) and Timone and Pumba are pretty hilars. The Lion King 2 is also pretty great, I love the songs... Deceptionnnn, Disgraccceee. Love that one, and I know he's a lion but I swear everyone had a secret crush on Covu.

Number 5

Just around the riverbeeeennnnd, I look once more! Anyway, Pocohantas is a great feel good film, the songs are fantastic and again John Smith is a pretty dreamy character. I use to have a Pocahontas costume and I blimen loved it. Favourite song would be a toss up between 'Just Around the Riverbend' and 'Colours of the Wind' both lovely sing-a-longs.

Hope you are feeling rather nostalgic now and maybe if you're in a poo mood Disney can make you better!

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Wishlist: Home Edition

Hi everyone!

I thought I would do a home edition wishlist as I am hoping, after uni (May-ish 2015) I plan on moving in with my boyfriend. We have started saving for a deposit for a nice little home that is just ours so I am really excited, even though it will be a long way yet. So with this bit of exciting news I thought I would do a wishlist of a few things I would like to buy when we move in.

It was veerrrryyyy difficult to choose only a few items, I saw about a million things I wanted. I can tell my future house is going to be crowded with lots of bits and bobs... woops. Enjoy!

Zara - Small Star Lantern: I think lanterns are so pretty dotted around the house, makes a home feel very cosy I think.
H&M - Two-Pack Guest Towels: How cute are these towels!? Parrots smooching, I just loved it, they have a slight 'Him and Her' feel to them so they are quite ideal.
Zara - Two-Tone Faux Fur Blanket: Love faux fur, especially for the winter, I thought this blanket would look nice draped on a sofa ready to snuggle in after a hard days work.
Zara - Hibiscus Candle: Such a pretty candle, Zara have some lovely candles at the moment, very impressed, these just stood out to me, who doesn't love flowers? Especially ones that won't cause hayfever... The only thing I am dreading about Spring and Summer, runny nose and itchy red eyes is never a great look.
H&M - Pink Ceramic Jar: I thought this would be quite a nice jar to put some sweets in and keep in the sitting room for when we have movie nights.
H&M - Dinosaur Plate: I LOVE DINOSSAURS!! I've always been fascinated with Dinosaurs, they are crazy cool, so obviously I am a massive fan of this plate, well done H&M well done. It will match my dinosaur pyjamas - the best pyjamas in the world for sure!
Yankee Candle - Snowflake Cookie Large Jar: What house isn't complete with a few Yankee Candles here and there, snowflake cookie, even though rather christmassy, is a lovely scent and pink is my favourite colour so works perfectly!

This post has made me rather excited to get a new home and start my life as a real life grown up, YAY!

Monday, 10 March 2014

Springtime Fingertips

Hello everyone!

First things first, what amazing weather we, in England, are having! I couldn't believe I could go out of the house without having to wear 20 layers. So in spirit of this lovely weather I have decided to pull out a few nail polishes that I thought were perfect for Spring and especially for when the sun is shining, to share with you.

I am a massive fan of Spring colours, pastels are just undeniably pretty. With the weather showing some signs that Spring is officially here I think it a perfect time to say goodbye to reds and dark purples as Winter is technically outta here. Here are my top 5 Springtime nail polishes...

From left to right: Seventeen - Heartbeat | Essie - Mint Candy Apple | Barry M - Lychee | Topshop - Occupational Therapy | Essie - Fiji

What colours are you excited to wear during spring time?