Friday, 28 February 2014

The Pastel Jumper

Hello everyone!

Another New Look purchase made by me as a complete impulse buy, I wasn't even suppose to go into New Look, silly me! Anyway, I bought this jumper yesterday from New Look as I fell in love with the colour and the style of jumper. The jumper is quite a thin material, I would suggest wearing a strappy top or shirt underneath to prevent see-through braness going on. I bought it as I thought it would be a nice evenig jumper in the summer as it's light and only 3/4 lenght sleeves and is a gorgeous mint green, perfect for summer!

I actually haven't worn it yet as I only bought it yesterday but can't wait to show it off. I'm going to a birthday dinner and drinks next weekend, I'm planning on wearing it then with a white shirt underneath, leggings and a cute pair of ankle boots.

Thursday, 27 February 2014

New Look: Spring Booties £10 off

New Look floral print ankle boots - was £19.99 now £9!!

Hello everyone!

So I know I said in my previous post I was in 'saving mode' but unfortunately that didn't last very long, but I promise, from now on no more spending. I bought something that wasn't even on my wish list, it was totally an impulse buy. The other day I went shopping with my friend and I got essential bits I did need, a birthday pressie for a 7 year old, then she took me to New Look. Instantly I knew it would be dangerous, I love New Look for the well priced clothes, shoes and jewllery and I could spend a fortune in there, of which I have done before and it was all impulse buys, so initially I had a mini panic attack. Walking in to the store it started easier than I thought and I briskly walked past all the lovely blouses, skirts and spring dresses trying my best not to divert my eyes from the floor.

We went downstairs to the men and children's section... and the shoe section, wasn't out of danger yet! My friend was looking for boots so I decided to help her choose, it was going so well until a little voice in my head sneakily said 'just have a look around it's fine, you probably won't find anything you want to buy anyway'. Stupidly I listened to the annoying voice and went on a little wonder, that's when it happened. My eyes met with a pair of rug-like floral booties that I quickly fell in love with (love at first sight is definitely a thing). I tried them on and I was sold, for £19.99 I thought, well it's not too bad, with student discount it's a lot better so I justified the purchase (rather quickly justified it to myself might I add) and bought them.

A week later I still love them so I knew I had made the right decision. They are really comfy and look really nice with near enough anything, suprisingly, I like to keep my outfit plain and simple, black, grey or white when wearing these boots as I am more of a one statement piece at a time kind of girl, I'm not daring enough for multiple patterns and colours. I think this the perfect boot for the spring and summer time for work, going to the pub with friends and going out for a nice meal. Overall a great purchase, I'm not going to spend anymore money now, promise, promise, PROMISE!

P.S Just went on New Look website to get the link for the boots and just saw they are now £9 which is really frustrating ahhhh, hate it when that happens. Lesson learnt, wait a bit before buying something just incase it goes into sale!

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Wish List Wednesday

Hello everyone!
So I am currently in saving mode at the moment due to my over spending during Christmas, Valentines Day and generally being greedy and buying myself little presents every now and again. A bit too often actually. I have now relaised/had an epiphany that I don't have the money to spend willy nilly without any given thought. I have decided to stop spending and start saving. I've been thinking about the future and have decided to start saving for a house for after University and to save for Uni in general as the spending on food, bills, rent and the occasional night out adds up. I've decided to create a wishlist once every month and I am allowing myself to buy one item from that list either every week or every two weeks, although lets be honest every two weeks is a bit ambitious, I will start small I think and go for a present every week. Baby steps...

Here is my first wishlist of the year!

1. Essie Resort Fling - This is a coral peachy colour and I think it is super pretty! This colour is from Essie's new 2014 Spring collection and I think it is the perfect Spring and Summer colour, and will look lovely with a nice tan.
2. Essie Find me an Oasis - This is a gorgeous icy blue, also from Essie's 2014 Spring collection. Again I think this is a perfect Spring, Summer and will just pop with a tan.
3. Boohoo Lola Swallow Print Flippy Shorts - I thought these were a cute pair of shorts for Spring time, I'd wear them with a plain white top or a little jumper as it is still quite chilly.
4. Boohoo Erin Slim Fit Daisy Print 7/8 Trousers - I'm loving daisy print for Spring this year and continuing onto Summer. What says lovely weather than daisies really? With a nice plain top tucked in these will look lovely and very weather appropriate.
5. ASOS Satchel Bag with Scallop Bar Detail - I love this colour so much, a pretty icy sky blue and I really like the Scallop Bar Detail I think it's a bit different and really cute.
6. ASOS Mirror Flat Shoes - The colour is a slightly purple pale blue, I think it is such a pretty colour and these shoes look really comfy and would be great day shoes when it's sunny.
7. Missguided Althea Flower Print Bodycon Dress - This icy blue is a recurring theme in my wishlist this month, I have become a massive fan of icy blue recently and this dress is just gorgeous it has a white flower print and a slight slit in the skirt, I think this is a perfect summer dress for the evening when going out for a few drinks or a nice dinner.
8. Pandora March & April Birthstone Rings - My Birthday is actually in December but I thought the March & April Birthstone rings from Pandora are lovely. I quite like pale colours on rings as I like to change my nail colour quite often and pale colours go with pretty much every colour. These rings are so pretty and I might actually make this my first purchase from my wish list.

So that is my wishlist for this month, I kind of want to buy it all right now but I need to start thinking about my bank balance for once. Wish me luck!

Monday, 17 February 2014

Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day everyone! 
I realise it's a bit late as valentines day was a few days ago but I've had quite a busy weekend so I've only just been able to do a post.
I spent valentines with my boyfriend Jake, it was our first valentines together so you can imagine how excited we both were! We decided to go out for a meal and drinks this valentines as it is quite a special one, however I'm very much a lover of staying in with a take away, wine and a film. We went to a lovely restaurant, one of our favourites, that provided a set 5 course meal with pink champagne reception, that was my favourite bit. The food was delicious, we ate lots and drank even more, you can imagine the hangover the next day, was definitely worth it! 

We decided to do presents as it's our first, Jake got me the most amazing bunch of flowers, pink, red, yellow and orange roses, it was perfect! He also got me a bottle of champagne which didn't last long, Jimmy Choo perfume and Estée Lauder double wear foundation. I got him a large Yankee candle in Turquoise Sky, smells amazing! I also got him a Superman iPad mini case and Walking Dead Monopoly, we are obsessed with Walking Dead, we are in the middle of season 4, it's torture waiting a week for the next episode! 
We had the most amazing first Valentines Day, the first of many I hope, and I felt thoroughly spoilt. How was your valentines day?

Monday, 10 February 2014

My First Time... Writing a Blog Post


My name is Bethany, I am a 22 year old Marketing student at University, I am really enjoying Uni, however I will be excited for it to be over and I can be an actual grown up with an actual grown up job! Scary! I am from Basingstoke in Hampshire and I definitely won't be living here after uni, I think I'm more of a country girl now and I quite like the idea of a nice peaceful life.

I've been reading blogs for a while, and after a good nosey around various fashion, beauty, lifestyle and home décor blogs I've been inspired to start my own. I am by no means an expert in anything fashion and beauty related, I just love a shopping spree every now and again and internet shopping is dangerous, especially when I'm at work when procrastination takes the better of me.

This is me being a bit of a poser, you know what it's like when you've finished getting ready to go out and you're waiting for your friends you just have to do a quick selfie, just to make sure you look ok in photos. However after a few drinkies I look a bit wonky eyed and mental, so I usually avoid the camera like the plague on drunken nights.

I hope you enjoy my blog :)