Thursday, 3 April 2014

Summer is Coming...

Game of Thrones reference there as the 4th series starts Monday (OhMyGod YES!)

Summer is on it's way everybody, I don't know about you but I am blimen excited!

I seriously can't wait for Summer to finally be here, usually I am a massive Winter person but this year I just can't wait to be baking in the sun, going for little adventures and wearing pretty Summer dresses.

Although my brain is ready for Summer, my body, lack of motivation and laziness definitely is not. So I have decided to set myself some rules to get me prepared for this years sunshine. The earlier I start the better as I don't want another year of 'ugh I look horrible in this bikini/skirt/dress' I want to feel great rather than the blobbyness I'm feeling at the moment. Seriously I fell like a big lump, not a nice feeling. I thought I would put my 'rules' into a blog post as then they are set, they are on the Internet so basically I have to stick to them now.

Here are my 10 rules I will follow to get prepared for Summer, hope you enjoy!

1. Cut one 'bad food' out of my diet each week. The first week will be chocolate (Starting Monday - no diet starts on a Thursday duh!).

2. Drink at least 2 litres of water everyday and drink a pint of water before and after every meal. This should trick my tummy into thinking it's less hungry, therefore eating less (hopefully).

3. For my snacks at work I will have 2 pieces of fruit mid morning (Satsuma and Grapes) and 2 pieces of veg as a mid afternoon snack (Carrots and Cucumber).

4. Cut down on the amount of carbs I have after 5pm, I won't cut carbs out completely after 5pm, just some nights I won't have any and some nights I will - but not for every dinner.

5. No eating after 7pm, this will allow for my body to fully digest and burn off my dinner.

6. Walk to work everyday - the walk to my walk is about 40 minutes, and I always feel very fresh and energised after and it's an easy bit of exercise to put into my everyday routine.

7. Sit up straight at work - my posture at the moment is just terrible and I'm really paranoid I'm getting a hunch back so sitting up straight at my desk will definitely help with this.

8. Get a hair cut. As long as I can remember I've desperetly wanted long princess hair (Disney gave very false expectations of hair), now I have it - however it still isn't very long, but I've come to terms with that this is as long as it's ever going to be - I don't want it. I've decided to go for a fresh new look and have about 2-3 inches off so it will come just past my shoulders - hair grows back, I will get over it. But my long hair at the moment makes me soooooo hot and sweaty (ew sorry) so I think I need something short and sweet.

9. Moisturise my body, I am guilty of skipping this step far too often. I would love to have smooth soft skin for the summer so my goal is to moisturise my body everyday (if you have any recommendations as to what moisturiser, they would be most appriciated).

10. Go shopping!! I'm saving a bit of money at the moment to go on a big shopping trip getting all my Summer essentials, Summer make-up, Summer clothes, Summer shoes, everything basically. This one is my favourite rule I think.

Right, now my rules are set - bring on Summer!


  1. Your rules are all pretty much the same as mine to help me get a bit more prepared for summer but I'm failing pretty badly at sticking to them!
    Love your blog by the way and cant wait to see more posts from you!

    Jess xx - a new follower!

    1. Haha same!! I'm going to try and be more strict this week as it's Monday.
      Good luck with your rules :)
      I've just had a look at your blog and I love it, some great tips about hair growth, I've done tons of research on that too haha. Look forward to reading future posts

      Bethany xx

  2. I am pretty much borrowing all your rules, there great‼ ☺ xox

    1. Thank you :) I hope they work! I'm starting today for sure

  3. Love all your rules, so motivating!

  4. Thank you :) I'm hoping they will be easy to follow!